Video Screeners | 8pm - Midnight

Leader of Apiwtxa, Ashaninka | A Message from Benki Piyako


Benki Piyako is a community leader from Apiwtxa, an Ashaninka community situated in the Amazonian state of Acre, Brazil. He has led projects to defend his community from deforestation and to defend Ashaninka rights and culture in the indigenous territory of Terra Kampa do Rio Amônia. His community's sustainability projects were awarded an Equator Prize by the U.N. in 2017.  Video will be Introduced by Photojurnalist and activist Chris Dodds

Floresta Association | A Message from Yawanawa Tribe


The importance of the Amazon Rainforest for the Yawanawa tribe, a message shared by Matsini Yawanawa, chief and spiritual leader of Mutum. Introduced by Franziska Freitag, founder of the Floresta Association

Crucial Time | A Message from Junglekeepers


A film featuring indigenous conservationist Juan Julio Durand Torres, from the heart of the west Amazon. By Dutch Filmmakers Jesper Buijvoets and Aagje van Meerwijk of Sensu Productions.  

Indigenous Celebration Women's Empowerment | A Message from Kenemeni Yawanawá


Kenemeni Yawanawá (Julia) the Director of the Women's Cooperative of Mutum Village for the Yawanawá tribe, shares about the incredible impact Indigenous Celebration's Women's Empowerment program is having within the tribe. She states, "We did not create a feminist movement, but now we create a great respect... a true partnership."   Introduced by Anne Marie Miller Founder Indigenous Celebration

Introducing the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative | A Message from Jane Goodall


UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall introduces, the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative, a global effort uniting people of all faiths to end tropical deforestation

Being the Change | A Message from Hoja Nueva


Hoja Nueva is a non-profit working with local communities to protect lowland rainforest along the Las Piedras River in the Peruvian Amazon. Started by Tropical Ecologist Samantha Zwicker, Hoja Nueva is a collective of young conservationists making an impact through special projects and collaborations such as a strategic land acquisitions and wildlife reintroduction. Through research and action the team protects vital ecosystems in the Piedras region of Madre de Dios, Perú, that is experiencing the direct effects of deforestation and climate change.